Management of CrossTechnology Venture Partners

Shinji Miyashita Managing Director & General Partner
Mr. Miyashita is a long time venture capitalist with over 19 years of venture capital investment experience.
Mr. Miyashita co-founded CrossBridge in 2000. He is a Managing Director and General Partner in CrossBridge I, and Managing Director and General Partner in CrossTechnology II & III. He manages the investments into Good Technology, Inc., eSilicon Corp., Elance, Inc., Orchestria Corp., Bivio Networks Inc. and others.

In 1989, Mr. Miyashita joined Techno-Venture Co., Ltd. as an Investment Officer. Techno-Venture is Japan's oldest venture capital company. The company's funds hold investments in over 100 technology-based companies. His investments at Techno-Venture include: Network Express, Inc. (public, acquired by Eastern Research), Quickturn Design Systems, Inc. (public, acquired by Cadence), Photon Dynamics, Inc. (public), Raster Graphics, Inc. (public, acquired by OCE Display Graphics), Opal, Inc. (public, acquired by Applied Material) and Lightspan, Inc. (public, acquired by Plato Learning). Network Express, Inc. was the first U.S. company achieving an IPO in NASDAQ by Japanese venture capital leading. Network Express subsequently was listed on the NASDAQ after a success IPO. He resigned from Techno-Venture in late 1999 to establish CrossBridge.

Prior to Techno-Vanture, Mr. Miyashita worked for Sumitomo-Mitsui Bank, Ltd.

Mr. Miyashita received his BA in Economics from Rikkyo (St.Paul's) University with Honors. The International Center at St. Paul sponsored Mr. Miyashita's studies in International Relations at Nijmegen University in the Netherlands. In addition, Mr. Miyashita completed the European Studies Programs at J.F. Kennedy Institute at Tilburg University in the Netherlands, sponsored by Indiana University School of Business.

Shinichi (James) Hayashi Partner
Mr Hayashi has been active in the international arena for 30 years, covering a variety of cross-border transactions as, venture capital, management consulting, marketing, trading, and tourism.

In 1982, he became representative of Japan and Asia Pacific region of Simon Marketing, Inc., an American marketing company, where he was engaged in establishing the infrastructure based in Taiwan and Hong Kong for product development, offshore production and quality assurance programs mainly for McDonald’s Corporation.

In 1987, he joined Techno Venture Co., Ltd., a Japanese venture capital firm, to be engaged in investor relations, fund raising, monitoring and investment activities, including cross-border management consulting and technology transfer deals. He was responsible for liaising a mix of technology accounts as, Triquint Semiconductor, Genentech, Novellus Systems, WorldSpace Corporation, Bivio Networks, Inc. and Silicon Genesis Corporation, to the Japanese business units.

In 1997, he became Director of Japan office of WorldSpace Corporation, a global digital satellite broadcasting company, to implement technology licensing, development and international promotional programs with the Japanese consumer electronics companies.

In September 2004, he became Japan representative of a consultancy group, J&A Global Partners, focused on hands-on involvement in foreign and Japanese business units entering Asia and China.

Currently, he represents companies from the USA, Hong Kong and Europe in manufacturing and service industries entering Japan and Asian markets, and supports a Japanese technology start-up in cultivating overseas sales channels.

He holds a BA Business Administration, Marketing, Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan.

Rakesh Kumar Venture Partner
Mr. Kumar is the founder and CEO of Raster Printers, Inc. which was sold to EFI in November 2008. Until December, 2003, Rak Kumar was the Chief Executive Officer of Oce Display Graphics Systems, Inc. (formerly, the Gretag Professional Imaging Division, acquired by Oce N.V. in December 2001).

Based in San Jose, California, Oce Display Graphics Systems, Inc. brings together leaders in wide format digital printing technologies: Raster Graphics, Onyx Graphics, ANAgraph, and Cymbolic Sciences; all are concerned with digital color imaging, wide format printing and color production software.

The company designs, manufactures and markets wide-format color printing systems for on-demand, digital color imaging applications using ink jet and photo laser technologies.

Kumar joined Raster Graphics, Inc. as its CEO in 1991 and was responsible for the early development of the Wide Format Digital Printing Systems market based on Electrostatic and high speed inkjet printers. Raster Graphics was funded by Kleiner Perkins, Sequoia and NorWest, became a publicly traded company in 1996. Raster Graphis was later acquired by Gretag, and Gretag was subsequently acquired by Oce.

Kumar came to Raster Graphics from Digital Equipment Corporation where he was Group Marketing Manager for the company's Engineering Systems Division. At Digital, he was responsible for worldwide marketing efforts to engineering customers.

Earlier, Kumar was Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Precision Image Corporation, a manufacturer of color electrostatic printers. Precision Image was later purchased by Graphtec.

Kumar's previous affiliations include Phoenix Data Systems, Inc. a CAD software company, where he served as Vice President and General Manager.

He holds an MBA from the University of British Columbia, and a master's degree in mechanical engineering from the University of New Brunswick and a BS in mechanical engineering from India Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

Stephen Ackroyd Venture Partner
Stephen Ackroyd brings 20 years of experience in building businesses. He has played key roles in the launch of the Sony PlayStation, Sega Dreamcast and the Lightspan educational software product line. In each case, he has led business development, and has been responsible for all networking activities.

He is currently Founder & CEO of Smart Duckling, Inc. that is building a new kind of video game. Most recently, he served as President of Yummy Interactive, Inc. Yummy Interactive Inc. delivers complete digital distribution technology solutions for secure delivery of games via the Internet. Prior, he served as CEO of InStore Media Networks Inc., a provider of kiosk based training and selling systems for cellular telephone stores. he co-founded and served as President of Eyefrog Inc., (later Avvenu) a developer of networked media appliances, and large file caching/transport. Eyefrog was born in the offices of Institutional Venture Partners (IVP) and Charles River Ventures, in collaboration with an IVP General Partner. Earlier, as General Manager of Sega Online, Ackroyd was responsible for all networking and e-commerce for the Dreamcast video game console. Note: with an installed base of over 2 million consoles, the Dreamcast was for a number of years the largest installed base Internet connected appliance in the US. As VP, business development at Lightspan (later Plato Learning), he was responsible for strategic partnerships, particularly to network enable the Sony PlayStation. Lightspan was funded by Kleiner Perkins, Accel and IVP. As director of business development at Sony Computer Entertainment, he was responsible for all strategic partnership and new uses for the PlayStation platform. Prior to the launch of the PlayStation, he recruited developers for the as yet unannounced PlayStation platform. Additionally, he has held technical positions with Interleaf and Mentor Graphics, and consulted to LVMH ( and Liberty Media (STARZ! Ticket, a subscription movie service over the Internet.)

Mr. Ackroyd received a BA in Computer Science from UC San Diego, and an MBA from UCLA's Anderson school.

Paul Kollar Venture Partner
Paul Kollar brings 40 years of experience in semiconductor sales and marketing characterized by high sales growth, innovative technologies, and high returns to investors.

He is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing and a member of the board of directors of Communications Product Development, Inc., of Vancouver, Washington, a business systems software developer serving telecom and datacom providers worldwide.

Until March of 2002, He was Vice President of Sales for TriQuint Semiconductor of Hillsboro, Oregon, a world class manufacturer of compound semiconductors for cell phone, fibre optics, and aerospace applications. During his tenure, sales rose from US$70 million to over US$300 million and market capitalization exceeded US$3 billion.

From November 1985 until March 1998, he was Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Lattice Semiconductor, the pioneer of electrically erasable PLD's. During his tenure sales grew from startup, through IPO, to over US$250 million, and market capitalization exceeded US$3 billion. Lattice Semiconducor achieved an IPO on NASDAQ in 1989.

Prior to 1985, he was employed by Signetics Corporation of Sunnyvale, California, for 16 years in a variety of sales and marketing responsibilities. During those years, Signetics sales grew from US$24 million to US$750 million, through IPO and acquisition by N.V. Phillips.

He is an angel investor and mentor to technology companies in the Portland, Oregon, area.

Mr.Kollar received a BS in Engineering from Harvey Mudd College and MSEE from the University of Southern California.