Investment Strategy of CrossTechnology Venture Partners

Fotolia_126462_ss.jpgWe seek world class companies, with world class products and world class investors.

Typically, our investments are in partnership with top tier venture capital firms including KPCB, InterWest and Venrock. Our strategy is to select companies and products which have significant promise for introduction into Japan. We welcome companies that have interest to our Limited Partners such as NTT.

The partners at CrossTechnology have successful records of achieving high returns by investing in and supporting U.S. based emerging technology companies seeking access to the Japanese market. CrossTechnology's support activities include some of the following: finding distributors, OEM partners, manufacturing partners and R&D partners; establishing a subsidiary; and recruiting management. CrossTechnology's value and strength is its extensive network of contacts in senior management of major Japanese companies.

Each investment requires significant time and resources to craft the company's Japanese strategy, and to implement that strategy through a series of meetings, which CrossTechnology will typically attend.

We will minimize our investee companies' efforts in Japan and will maximize the business opportunities with Japanese companies. CrossTechnology provides much better access to Japanese companies because we are independent of each KEIRETSU. We like the word "Trust" best.